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The purpose of this Report is to present and discuss ‘recommended’ language in respect of a selection of these typically encountered provisions. The ‘recommendations’ contained in this Report are not meant to be prescriptive – specifically, they are not mandatory clauses for use in all PPP transactions which the World Bank Group financially supports.
IFC 2015
Our research shows that the lessons fall into three broad categories: economics, politics, and execution. Indeed these categories represent the three fundamental forces that drive the success or failure of PPPs. Economics, politics, and execution are the spheres of activity that leaders must understand and manage if the projects are to be successful.
Australia Ongoing
Subnational PPP Unit

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European Commission 2014
The Commission has developed this Resource Book, consisting of a set of case studies of PPPs in both Western and Central Europe and in various sectors including: Water and Wastewater Management, Solid Waste Management and Transport. These sectors are representative of those in which the Commission has provided grant financing. While they are not the only sectors in which PPP principles are being a...
IJ Global 2016
Where those with the power and influence to shape the European renewables market meet
GI Hub 2014
The Initiative will be a means to fulfil our commitment to create a climate that facilitates higher investment, particularly in quality infrastructure and small and medium enterprises. Under the Initiative, we will improve our domestic investment and financing environments, notably through implementation of key measures set out in members' comprehensive growth strategies and outlined in the Bris....
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Recently Added Resources

ITF 2015
Given the imperative of upholding contracts for efficiency and the daily reality of frequent renegotiation, the two main questions for this paper are: What are the primary reasons for renegotiations? And more importantly, do they generally uphold the spirit of the contract when they happen or are they more often motivated by interests, other than efficiency?
University of Sydney 2016
This policy outlook paper series is part of the Leadership Partner Program with the National Australia Bank. The partnership aims to challenge the nation and infrastructure stakeholders towards a new reform agenda centred on customer led infrastructure. Australia has much to gain from critical thinking and questioning the status quo in respect of its infrastructure. Shifting the mindset that infr...

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Our mission is to support the doubling of global infrastructure investment by 2020 and ensure that collectively, we receive the maximum benefit from that investment. We aim to achieve this through: Leadership Forums - Project centric - action oriented. Connect with top-tier executives and officials to drive business opportunities and best practices from across the globe. Advisory - The right knowl...

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